Entertainment, Music and Intellectual Property Litigation

Gradstein & Marzano has successfully handled high profile lawsuits in all areas of entertainment, music and intellectual property litigation.

The firm has achieved an extensive and ever-expanding track record of effective representation in intellectual property litigation on a national basis, particularly in cases involving ground-breaking applications of the law. Our recent copyright cases in the music industry have been precedent setting.

Mr. Gradstein has been named by The Hollywood Reporter as one of its Top 100 Power Lawyers, by Billboard Magazine as one of Music’s Most Powerful Attorneys and by The Daily Journal as one of California’s Top Entertainment Lawyers and a Leading Intellectual Property Attorney.

Both Henry Gradstein and Maryann Marzano received California Lawyer of the Year (CLAY) Awards in 2017 in Entertainment.

Gradstein & Marzano has also successfully prosecuted and defended trademark, service mark and trade dress infringement and counterfeiting claims. Our cases have also involved claims for breach of licensing agreements, theft of trade secrets, and violations of non-disclosure agreements.

Recent cases include:

  • Representation of Flo & Eddie/The Turtles in a series of federal class action cases against Sirius XM and Pandora in California, New York and Florida for claims of misappropriation of pre-1972 sound recordings
  • The ongoing copyright infringement class action brought on behalf of named plaintiffs Melissa Ferrick, Jaco Pastorius, Inc. and Gerencia 360 Publishing, Inc. against Spotify
  • Litigation on behalf of iconic music producer Quincy Jones against MJJ Productions and Sony for royalties in connection with recordings he produced on the Thriller and Bad albums
  • Litigation involving breach of contract and other claims concerning the ownership of music royalties in connection with “Sly Stone” and Gerald Goldstein, and their related entities, which included a month long jury and multiple bench trials in phased litigation
  • Litigation on behalf of Del Records and Del Entertainment for breaches of artist recording and management agreements
  • Litigation on behalf of acclaimed singer/song-writer Aimee Mann against MediaNet for copyright infringement of her musical compositions
  • Litigation on behalf of screenwriters for copyright infringement against Paramount Pictures in connection with the $350,000,000 grossing sequel G.I. Joe: Retaliation
  • Litigation against CBS for copyright infringement
  • Litigation for reversion of copyrights to the songs of rock legend Marc Bolan of T. Rex on behalf of his son, Rolan Bolan

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